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hung in Hoboken, N. J., though insane, and therefore irre-
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dusted on varicose ulcers of the leg, with good effect.
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occasionally form in the bowels and curious aggregations of
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ingestion of these substances and their harmless migration
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plates accompany his paper. He alludes to the distortion of the
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the condition of the sub-soil water level varies within
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indeed its presence often accompanies and aggravates the
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theatre troupes, ministerial gatherings. Freemason orders, and
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general, and consequently of an epidemic and contagious character, that active meas-
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detected. Possilly this epidemic of diarrhcei has to do
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There was, however, a systolic murmur heard at the apex, and to
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tion from fresh sound ergot. The plan described was not so for-
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There was, however, a systolic murmur heard at the apex, and to
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parts, such as liver, spleen, stomach, intestines, kidneys, pancreas,
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Hay met with an instance of photophobia and pain in the
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country was suddenly seized with very acute pain in the region of
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with chicken cholera and its granules. J Orth, Klebs, and Birsh-Hirsch-
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cover points in the development history of this which would have as
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good examination. He also made several trips to Liverpool and examined
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Abdomen. — Pa:n in left h^iTOchoniirium. ZSTo enlargement of
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ter results will be obtained, and in a future article it is intended
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cases, though the history should lead us to at least the suspi-
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dairy-farmers. It is doubtless owing to this hostility in a
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Mr. Hames showed three patients illustrating the good effects
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are excellent philanthropic people who would desire
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"Where any such offense is committed with resrjectto more than four animals, a pen-
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epithelium, and a similar infiltration of small cells in the sur-
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feitures under this act are recoverable and applicable.
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I should feel under any circumstances, but which here,
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nal section. The intestine was then stitched and the patient made
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A nodule of exostosis is hypertrophy of the cementum, and
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and it cannot be asserted that the subject has, even at this
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evidently become more susceptible to those constituents of meat
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places by large tracts of marsh and swamps, which at one point are sq

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