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Susceptibility to fowl cholera increased by cold weather 40

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symptoms.' He then proves his assertion by printing several

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to come round a little, and encourage the vomiting ; and if there

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munity from the effect of subsequent inoculations or infections. This

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head in the direction of certain nerves, that the pain was not

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influence, always a source of danger when present. Pub-

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water must have been only a degree less than in the

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with the view of ascertaining what organic liquids modified the viru-

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It inevitably reappears as soon as the natural condi-

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particular case has to be judiciou?ly treated according

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orated and death occurred prematurely. Moderate doses of alco-

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tory, 1807, by the operator, Doctor Samuel White, of Hudson, New

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first day of November, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six, in which he duly pays

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serves to secure the preservation of the poison as surely as the inter-

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produced any morbid changes. I saw those pigs again on December

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even then a direct and sufficient cause of failure of osseous

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regardless of details, he slurred his work, or that he was indiffer-

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can be had in an}^ length. I used kangaroo tendon for sev-

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that he had opened a portion of the intestine had been quite filled by a blood clot.

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pitals as it was of other charities in the time of which Mr.

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In delicate operations about the eye, Mr. Mills said he prefers

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in the milk produced a very slight constitutional reaction. The subject

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bacteria, and these, in place of being weakened, are often rendered more

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consideration of the hospital authorities. For these men are

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affected. The epizooty has prevailed to a considerable extent among

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coughing some when I received them, because they had lung- worms,

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surprise at the claim of some that a solution of this agent does

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the appraisal in order to insure this amount must be double

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An illustrative case is G. B., a man of 35, good physique, who

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Milk diet and arrowroot were given for two or three days, and

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extremity within the vein by pressure across its wails, allowing the tube

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understood to show a greater complexity here, than exists in

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But I think it would not be difficult to show that the

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that portion of the Order of Council by which the United States were exempted from

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from the top of the shoulder into the axilla and along under the

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