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proves fatal. Cattle are frequently attacked by bloody murrain, but I

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ties, then as forming part of that county with which they have the longest common

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controlled by moderate doses of dermatol. This happened in very

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He then studied medicine under the guidance of the eminent

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effect other than the formation of two small abscesses at the seat

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hut the losses from this cause will not aggregate over 82,000 or 83,000.

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The commencement of such a degeneration may account for the appearance seen in

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semilunar ganglion and nerves entering it are found quite natural

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tuberculin and antitubercle serum have been of undoubted

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used, but if only one-half, or even only one-quarter

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upwards of 1,400 Illustrations. 2 vols. Svo. £0. \0s.

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convinced that iodine is the best remedy for the treatment of

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washed in the tank, and thus as the first infection disap-

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years, not yielding to any treatment, causing continual annoyance

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of, or in opposition to, public opinion is often apt to

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to test, until the protective action shall have been placed on a solid

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fected before the chemical products of the bacteria have had time to

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will compare favorably with previous years. But little attention is

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I think it not improbable that they may act by relieving the con-

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use of these rays in diagnosticating arteriosclerosis, which may be

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purple points. There are hard subcutaneous swellings in the seat of the successive

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and growth of this micro-organism, in suitable media,

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privy council or of a local authority made, or any license granted, or any committee

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of the tendons, unite from below upwards and outwards the

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stable and address where disease is situated ; also the veterinary evidence that it is

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self understood perhaps it was necessary to explain what septi-

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(1.) The mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London shall, for the pur-

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snap made by the osseous rent was distinctly audible and

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the other hand, upon the size of the herd, the condition of the premises

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remedy gives such uniformly good, reliable, and quick results as

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sheep were inoculated with the supposed dcv italized anthrax blood. Later

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the perils usually attending inoculation with a moderate amount of the

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any remote organ or region of the body either as a direct

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