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Dr. Paul Pollitz of Brieg, Prussia, relates ( Vierteljahrssch. fiir
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ited supply of air, but suffered no marked impairment of health from
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perineum has become strong enough to bear the introduction
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53. Where, under this act, an inspector makes a declaration which constitutes a place
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of these should be eliminated; one of ankylosis in my own
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and this condition at once suggests relief by local dej)letion.
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poultices, blisters, &c, and all suppurating surfaces should be kept
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health, but no very appreciable fever. Thirteen days after the last
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small cup of coffee in the evening. This is all the water they
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5th. In inoculating the devitalized chemical products, the injection of
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affected with pleuro-pneumonia, and have not been in the same shed or herd or in
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The blood contains a very largely increased proportion of
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provement in the general condition. [Centralblatt filr Innere
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or any order of council ; and such officer may, if he has reasonable grounds for suspect-
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Risch, Henry F. W., 521 3d St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.
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frequently the boundary line of an infected place, and though fowls are upon each
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nate between obstructions in the large and small intes-
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or cultivations of the comma bacillus ? It must be some form
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except from their size. In this case the hydatid was small, and
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similar size with a rather broad meshed stroma, in which lie round cells (miliary
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pieces of iron hoops, the blade of a knife, a large iron buckle,
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another in the brain, followed by softening, also in the kidneys and spleen.
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from the body of a diseased hog. This, however, does not prove that
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submit, are there not in this evidences of a huried examination ! Has it
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absence from the city of Dr. Carl Beck the case was referred to
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the patient had been feeble and unable to take nourishment, he
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In a fatal case (a male, aged 21) there was also pneumothorax and tuberculosis.
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vice, and working in the cause of quantum charity, has not
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commencement to a blow on the left shin four months previous
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here placed in our hands a means of protecting individual hogs and
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lost the curl out of the tail, but eat and drink some.
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with a well-defined wall, associated with general basal meningitis,
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latter in water (April 14). In about ten days (April 24) both pigs
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which they necessitate be impugned upon merely theoretical
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found in the blood of a puerperal-fever patient, two days before death,
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portion. A minute invagination is thus produced which
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lifted his finger or made a call on a private patient where he
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influenza, we may also expect the various observed local
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but ordinarily dark, of mortar-like consistency, and of foul
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found. Yet I say that Dr. Dobson is not justified in
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selves and their families; all kinds of deformities of these
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medicales dans I'Inde, une erre de progres consider-
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the pain at once, and then inquiring into the etiology at his leis-

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