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briefly the particulars of a case under my care, in which creosote

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with ether or alcohol, for the purpose of drying the skin.

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To separate from the soil of a field, and show the evidence of corpuscles of one and

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lungs to be the locus minoris resistentise, which tliey reach through the medium

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ture was produced by forcible flexion in cases in which early

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pox (as the case may be) in that place, by order declare the place to be free from cattle-

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obstruction, demanding at a later day an emergency opera-

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and, though not entirely well, is not very sick. The carbolic acid treat-

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that it habitually assimilates more than is necessary for the sus-

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probability of success; (3) as much pressure as possible (short of

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stomach are studied with the greatest care ; functional dis-

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pleuro-pneumonia in American cattle lauded at... 198

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the patients obtained in the well-ventilated wards of the hospital.

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ablest medical men for years past, at a great sacrifice to

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the inference, not probably intended by the author, that

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in a mild form. Black leg continues to carry off large numbers of cat tie.

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contents of the hold developing virulent properties under the combined

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invited me to visit in consultation a patient of his, Mrs. L., a lady

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(Fig. 1) consists in first placing a row of sutures at the

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Salicylic acid, 3j. ; glycerini, 3j. ex aqua, nocte maneque, was

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disease extended to the knee-joint. Amputation of the thigh was performed,

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distinct coloration may occur when no exposure has taken place ; while

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Richardson of London had been employed by the Scientific Soci-

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Little has been accomplished in effective means of getting rid of

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servancy, water-supply, ventilation are all neglected ;

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further on in this paper. The fowls are to be restricted to this disinfected ground

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tube had dull appearance, cough, eruption of pustules and elevated

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in use, although little spoken of directly. It has recently ap-

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tuberculin. If used as a preliminary to surgical treatment it

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their clothes, cleanse their mouths and frequently drink

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remains in the fixed form, and is generally, if not always, taken into the body with

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