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again like this? I use the word save wittingly, for we

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was a machine at all. To their minds the body was simply

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From this experiment we may conclude that there exists in the air the spores of bacilli

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It usually invades one in a very marked degree more than any

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if pupils in public schools were to see the right kind of

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with the treatment at the dispensary, they would usually go to the

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whereas, of 2,889 patients not treated with serum 1,187 succumbed

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but they are not tough or pigmented to the same degree, and the

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any other class of farm animals in this county. Very few of these ani-

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of private practitioners have my wai-mest sympathy.

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county during the past season. ISTo deaths have occurred. Cattle are

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parietal pleura of the left side shows numerous small ecchymoses.

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resists it in the severe cases. Now, in the li.tter, the

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apex of the sheath and the separation of the intussusceptum

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ary, to the post-office and seemed to be rather more like himself,

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receipt given to any rate-payer for poor rate, shall specify the amount (if any) collected

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present and a decided decrease in the sulpho-conjugated acids,

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will often become embarrassed. At such a time the temptation to

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similar disease — a disease at least known by the same name.

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conspicuous changes are observable. No. 9, which never fully recovered,

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unsiiitability of deep well water for cboleta growth is to

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product is consumed in New York state every year, and

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next point to be determined was as to whether the malady had been

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Soon after the publication of this paper, Metschni-

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clusion of the intestine by the impaction of faeces, gall-stones,

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extent with those countries who have not yet fallen into line.

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for their patients demand in every case this additional means of

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on his own account, or who would be entitled to receive the same if such premises

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of obtaining a silver compound which would not form insoluble,

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relief. My son then sent to me, a hundred miles distant, for

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blood may undergo a certain modification that makes it more favorable

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speak of the difiiculty of seeing the spots on pigmented

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cases of ansemia, possibly due to anchylostoma, were

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there is little abnormal in the'cord. The chief change is that the

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all sick constables in the Dhubri Police Hospital and all

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