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fession and of the country. I have, on the part of the

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in nearly every case, be traced to want of care in feeding. Cholera has

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be mentioned, however, that pigs Xos. 11, 12, and 13 were very irregu-

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ducing the disease with this virus five days later.

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described as occurring in alcoholics. These depressions are

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ive form as soon as the vesicles are observed a drench composed as fol-

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the absence of typhoid fever, as determined by course, symptoms,

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in American cattle condemned at Liverpool, not found 11, 281

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became nervous and apprehensive about her approaching accouch-

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Has to carry a pillow at all times ; rides, sits, and walks with

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been in contact with, or in the same field, stable, cow-shed, or other premises, with any

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who state that no case had ever come under their notice in their district.

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normal organism sufficient toxins are daily elaborated to

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*'7. Creosote does not irritate the normal mucous membrane of

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No. 5 wai? well nourished, had a slightly enlarged spleen, with no

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and forbidden path, and such dire consequences result? That

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if possible, substitute the older forms of treatment only when he

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in that behalf by the local authority, or may require the local authority to dispose of

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divided, and tied. This having been accomplished, the in-

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tickling the fauces, if necessary) before proceeding any further

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millimeters, and two of the micrococci would equal one cubic micro-

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Any number of generations of pure virus may be cultivated in these

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Dr. F. E. Tulley of Granite City, 111., writes to the editor of The

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for actol and itrol as recommended last year, for little has been

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fection is obtained with high percentages of formaldehyde. Dr.

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First period. — Before any perceptible alteration lias taken place in the ordinary

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observations have been made in Calcutta, Graya, Cawn-

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therefore, in cases that justify this procedure, will first be

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cadaverine, and produces on hypodermic injection of animals

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Audubon. — The only disease I have to report as prevailing among farm

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capillaries, and, according to my observations, constitute the imme-

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many of the foremost gynaecologists and surgeons in this

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cide is still before the medical profession, but particularly before

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