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in recent years of disease supposed to be pleuro-pneumonia, or pronounced to be by
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manifestation it may have been but an accompaniment to the
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by the board of education, the leading opponent remarking, "You
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On September 6, late in the evening, I received word from Mr. Mon-
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our knowledge into a field which was previously beyond our reach.
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2. The order may be cited as the Schleswig-Holstein order of 1S73.
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glanders is of rare occurrence. Swine plague rages in some portions of
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tions from without a state of clironic cachexia might
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Among other changes which seemed wise to the Commit-
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seemed elevated, but the thermometer in the mouth showed that
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I may deem pertinent in this connection, I have the honor to herewith transmit a large
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adolescents), or may attack the whole osseous system (the
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large a proportion of chloroform to air at the commencement.
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at its death, and was inoculated with lung-exudation of Mr. Carson's
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Chilton County.— Hogs and fowls have been seriously affected with
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withstanding the ophthalmoscopic evidence of marked develop-
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and cumbersome ; and as some patients require a much stronger
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who have to deal with endemic cholera may be able to
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in the latter larger, and those in the former a good deal smaller, but
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patent cholera cures that find such ready market in
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Calvert. — Last spring a disease attacked the horses of this immediate
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the specific cause of obstruction. The dysenteric symptoms
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among cattle to some extent. A few cows and oxen have died of the
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We might go on to enumerate nearly all the fatal diseases of swine,
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cattle for tuberculosis. A large-hearted governor induced
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those seven were examined during life and four after death — the other
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cise is from the fact that the oxygenating surface is too lim-,
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Now, under these circumstances, is there any method which suggests itself to you
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I)ass off. At the same time, preparation must be made, with the
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prominent factors that have led up to these results, and the
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ical poison .* Pasteur maintains that it'is identical withhis septic vibrio,
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Internally, all lymphatic glands enlarged ; nearly everywhere adhesion
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Aug. 11, 1891. R. refraction corrected, Y. = 1^5. L. refraction
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while the bowel discharges are of various hues. The kidney excretion will be here-
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valerianic acid, which appears to form a combination which has
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abatement of pain he slept much of the time, while the whiskey
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In the fifth place, the pupils should actually see the work-

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