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monsters, the cause giving rise to the production of the mon-

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tion and fear, (c) paranoia, with delusions of persecution,

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She gradually gained strength, the physical signs at the apices

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as cattle, namely, that they should be landed in a foreign animals' wharf for slaugh-

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Brain. — Generally oedematous and soddened. The whole of

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hazelnut, and, it must be presumed, have been caused and been occu-

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seen early, that is to say soon after the purging or

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result of ignorance as to its cause), we shudder, but in the

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ber 14, 1895. In the writer's simplification of the operation,

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inoculated civil inhabitants ; to others such a record

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connection was made out between the two, it most certainly

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Crawford. — The epizooty has prevailed among horses in this county

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In Graya Jail I arrived on the 18th July of this year,

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of the macula and nerve. The vessels, perhaps, partially

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Case III. — Female, aged four months, seen September 18, 1897.

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a few days ago. A physician was called in to a patient suffering

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I do not think my figures will cover half the loss that the answers to

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then, are the pathogenic agent, we cannot expect a weaker solution than 2 per cent,

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ing its poisonous properties, that this poison may be made to combine

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changes in the patient's face and manner, and to interpret the

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burgh Medical Journal for May, 1892, p. 1054, and a fuller ac-

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cholera has recently existed. During the epidemic, so

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of catarrhal secretion. -350 dram, a, Catarrhal plu g ',- b, Epithe-

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homoeopathy. The niceties of modern pharmacy, and the

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been known under the name of urotropin, commented upon here

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panying pains, until her condition has become such that hystero-

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Health, has recently called attention to the introduction of formal-

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the list might have been augmented by stating how frequently

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sion, from this resum^ of the achievements of serotherapy in its

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EXPERIMENT No. 10.— Effect of chloride of sihe. — Tubes prepared as before.

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The influence of rainfall on the water-supplies and

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mals, I advised a friend, whose cattle were grazing on his lowlands, and several of

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ment at four different dispensaries at the same time for

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salicylate is soluble in 0.9 part of water. Nor does sodium sali-

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