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tine. We may find by digital examination and the use of
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to recognize the obligation resting on it), so that he may not
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rise of temperature follows in natural sequence from the
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cine, remedy companies, etc. ; enlist the sympathies of rich
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possibly gained entrance after the blood was placed on the slide and
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pursuance of this act, so that the burden of those expenses shall be borne wholly by
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further change lie then added carbolic acid at the rate of a drop or two
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belief in the truth of his teaching, could have enabled bim to do.
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sterility and strength gut so prepared is superior to any I
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19th. A pig (No. 10, present report) that had been inoculated from a
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anaemia, treated in the hospitals of the Uva Province
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as in India during severe epidemics the pills and mix-
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slid over a whalebone conductor from No. 1 to No. 14 or 15.
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lose their wool. Taking this view of the matter, this loss is greater than
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3 P.M. — Dr. Gee saw him, and in the absence of Dr. Black took
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ment as to the cause of the phenomenon; Meguin does not so much as
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yeomanry, and when the night came he also, when his allotted
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of you might be inclined to give it a trial. I scarcely
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affords her complete relief, while any more active measures,
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The course of the morbid changes after the tubercle bacilli
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his audience largely consisted, that " if he knew as much as
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taken place, the cavity of the uterus is at once diminished in size
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No. 1, with slight anaemia and largs spleen, had only a tap©
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condition should be improved by cod liver oil, and so great an
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is only a part of a system of intellectual distribution which
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say for a certain time or for a certain number of respirations,
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Southworth, Richmond Joseph, 1220 36th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
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15, and once more the albumen of a fresh egg was put into the empty
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these may cause immediate death by suffocation, or, if not immediately fatal, induce
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found worth special mention in the medical literature of the year.
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named the diamond dispensary. Now, where do the poor,
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Both lobes appeared very much enlarged and completely occupied the
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Xo. 2, on the Liverpool side of the river, -at Woodside and Wallasey
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port since leaving England. A still more striking instance is that of
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4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 (in all, five in which the disease had a fatal termination)

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