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Subsequently A. Chauveau presented the folio wing paper, giving

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while bacteria and vibrios abounded. Dr. Lewis || found that when or-

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have been attributed to the fatigue the animals experienced in traveling to the

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was a medical impiety, and a sad commentary on those educated

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Anozol, the mixture of powdered thymol and crystals of iodo-

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second day of apyrexia, it will be found that it has

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multiply by fission and form zooglcea clusters, but always to germi-

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t In 1863, the Metropolitan Board of Health found that the use of meat from animals

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of an infant's mouth, it should produce caustic or vesicant effects.

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death. He was also a director of the Buffalo State Hospital, a

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•'Observations on Metabolism with Somatose and Nutrose "

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nual meeting of the Reading Pathological Society on October 6th

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bearing in mind the fact that the reservoir should not be

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1878, and printed in its Transactions, in which he advocated

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Churchill, Alonzo, 189 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co. (Retired list.)

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Knipe, George, 353 W. 24th St., New York, New York Co.

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resists it in the severe cases. Now, in the li.tter, the

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capsule remain in the fundus of the stomach for quite four or five

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rooted in the hearts of the people and is almost a part

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After parturition, when the mother loses a large quantity

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sion made with the yolk of an egg. When the patient takes crea-

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average body temperature was 101°. 97, and that of the air 49°. 7 ; thus an average

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A deputation had been sent from Erie county to the legislature to

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ground that the pathological condition of the mouth is the

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opened on the 27th ultimo, all having the same general appearance. The symptoms

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have shown that a temperature of ioo° C, even if kept up for

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having been decided by the admiralty that the Royal William Victualling Yard

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bator at a temperature of 9S° JB\, with free access to air through cotton

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experiments fatal results followed the inoculation by injection under the

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Feb. 13, 1891. R. Y. = /q, with his glasses Y. = ^%. L. Y. =

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clear, apparently normal ; signs of peritonitis were well marked. On July 3

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upper lip, and a little coryza. There are several small ecchy-

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— Stephen Smith, one week earlier. In both lateral move-

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occur. That is to refrain from using oiled silk as a protective

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