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enemies of the hogs. I learn that the two or three sheep owners in the

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contrary to my former observations, could not be relied upon. On a

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died exhibiting lung disease. The post-mortem in this case also showed that the ani-

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should be their ambition, as it is their privilege and their

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malarial remittent fever. I have not made a sufficient

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the lodging of a woman who had offered a penny to any one who

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ing its maximum at once, the other rising gradually.

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tended, tend to show that it is a rule with disease-poisons of particular

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2. The value of carbolic acid and of other antiseptics as preventives of

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With the light which has been thrown upon this subject dur-

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were wanted in the slaughter-house, where we went at once, and found

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acid treatment; it is therefore possible, and even probable, that the

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"1. Eucaine hydrochlorate ' B ' in 3 per cent, solution produces

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The question naturally arises whether the pain in the head

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the future. It always will be so long as men and women

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Karlinsky, on a scientific mission in Arabia, out of 293

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terial, will become a runt or be stunted in its growth, and will never

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Cooch Behar clearly show that the parasite exists in

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It is a solution made by adding three j)ounds of sulphuric acid to forty gallons of

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that he will use his best efforts and endeavors to compel the

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in treatment would follow from special attention to the capillary

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Cases XIII to XXIII. — A forked stick, a pig's tail, a teacup, a

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of the abdomen, to recognize the cause of obstruction, to

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and relation. Another carious fact is the rarity with which

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The subnormal temperature in the *' progress of disease"

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onstrated their presence in the heart of the clearest blocks of Norway

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the aid of gravity. The general peritoneal cavity was next irri-

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Dr. N. L. North, Jr., presented the subject of " Gonorrhoeal

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diet. Each portion of the food was carefully weighed and the ele-

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Use of Antipyretics. By R. P. Banerjee, b.a., g.b.m.s.l., Pachbadra ...

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exception, in any of the other cases which I have collected.

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