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barrow : this was followed by constant sickness and the general
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expediency — where the difficulty comes from religious
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The treatment of genital neuralgia, or the reflex disturb-
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necessity for venesection by bleeding the vessels into them-
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to a short segment of the bowel, the faeces may be carried
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always best to wait and see what can be done to preserve its
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The pulse is generally quick and bounding from beginning to
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neuralgia in the precordial and left intercostal regions, or
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brown colour. There exist numerous haemorrhages, size of pins'
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director of agriculture, M. Tisserand, recently said tome that charbon is unknown in the
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Embargo, English, on American cattle because of pleuro-pneumonia 205
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I did not see him, being out of town at the time, but Dr. Ely, of
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intensity of the infectious principle, or, in other words, upon the number
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was a curiosity, being completely full and closely empacted, and so dry I think it
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mitting him to travel in the interior of his district,
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2 per cent. ; 15 g. of this spread upon lint make a dressing suitable
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very bloodless. Pupils equal. There is slight excoriation of the
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From this time the pain gradually became less constant and less
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is of particular importance, and that is, that the loudness of a
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by being thoroughly scrubbed with tincture of green soap,
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the part of pitient and practitioner, which effectually
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the doctor's birthright. Has the hospital stolen this birth-
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house disinfection, has shown that animals, such as dogs and cats,
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gradually absorbed, leaving perhaps some pigmentation. The
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In conclusion, he expressed the hope that the members of the
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was the first instance, we believe, of such a disease having been
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in cases of remittent fever in no way to be distinguish-
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The inspector called on me first on his way to Washington (18th instant) ; again on

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