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doubt with regard to the ef&cacy of treatment recently ad-
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Septeiliber 5. — Heavy dew in the morning. None of the pigs show any
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blood vessels. The lumen of the smallest arteries and capil-
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tines, may easily give rise to symptoms that may be taken for those of
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and harmony and of concert of action as does the medical profes-
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served. The sound of water did not affect him. There was not
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He has made use of it in the form of a 1 or 2 per cent, solution in
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these causes are changes of temperature, exposure of the
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as soon as in the bodies of animals which- had "been simply set aside
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sis of acute obstruction, it may be said that there will be no
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ingly small size of the latter requires for accurate observation a higher
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are inconstant and subordinate are fever, the occurrence of
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with Texas cattle passing through the county, these animals have been
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over the surface of the ground. This can be done only
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particularly operations for cataract, while as has been said,
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neuralgia in the precordial and left intercostal regions, or
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medical history sheet ; in case of people in prison — in
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remarkable. He is prominent as a platform attraction on
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it was found when the carcass of pig No. 5 was removed. Pig No. 2 B
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efficient with carbolic acid, even in solutions of half the strength ; indeed,
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Now in regard to cholera the question of septicaemia had
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experiment ; thus, we place two drops of the virus in a watch-glass and
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is still a difference of opinion. Hiller believes it to be an intese chem-
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been lost by the usual disease — cholera, so called.
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lithotomy on a man eighty-three years of age. This operation was

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