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when it occurs it is of course the most important symptom.

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opinion to give, and shall have none until I have been able to make a

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the contents of your telegram. He had also received one to the same effect from the

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he finds it has no advantage over salicylate acid or sodium salicy-

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the use of bromoform he reports having in a few cases reduced the

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vendors in the street, one of the former and one of

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which he supposed would kill all living things, did not destroy the virus

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venomous serum, read an interesting paper based on a number of

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of the ileum is specially liable to be involved. This is ac-

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probable, and as bearing upon this point it maybe said tliat cattle going

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Fifth District, Drs. F. H. Wiggin and C. E. Denison.

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Great pain and tenderness in the sub-occipital region.

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Same time , amplification., objective aTvd eyepiece as above.

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eral law in localization governing the visceral disturbances

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which they were condemned. The history of these animals, so far as it

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Tube' No. 22: 1 to 200. Liquid slightly turbid; no membrane; scanty depdsit,

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hundred in all. Added to these, he has been favored by reports

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expect that they could be widely adopted for villages,

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mology " in which he makes the following statement :

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Under good conditions of hygiene and careful nursing, this fever runs

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be handled, and usually die. The same may be said of cattle. The

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cholera and perhaps in acute atrophy of the liver, the com-

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any if any company or person refuses admission to an inspector or other officer acting

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and it can very conveniently be given on a piece of lint when

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season with the disease generally known as cholera than for some years

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acute poisoning in a woman 32 years of age who was suffering

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1893 I began to use strychnine, as recommended by Dr. Thomas

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Journ. of the Ainer. Med. Association (Vol. XXI, page 138) con-

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Harrington, D. W., 1430 Main St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.

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Reagles, James, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.

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the cow is, as a general rule, a somewhat chronic disease,

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the course of two days to the other end of the tube and

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" T. B. K., chemist, age 23 years, in opening a can of gasoline

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