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Sheep. — They all belonged to the Lauraguais race, in which so-called spontaneous

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of the privy council thereunder, without having obtained a license.

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fumigate them with sulphur. For this purpose a pan of burning coals is taken and

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disease is to kill all the affected animals. Occasionally a horse dies of

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of the strength employed in ophthalmic practice possesses distinct

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to cholera and sore-head. Thousands annually die of these diseases.

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tension of this single part. One curious feature is the great

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Dr. Walshe says on the subject — namely, ' that pain is more com-

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(2.) The hand lies at an angle with the forearm, in consequence

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be explained by the movements of the ciliated epithelium

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tagious pleuro-pneumonia has existed, and at the present time does exist, to a more or

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clouded. The bactericidal action of sunlight is there-

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thai this refractory habit towards a particular poison can be transmitted

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Although it is of little benefit in chronic cases, yet both in these

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Notwithstanding anything in this section, the privy council may from time to time,

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the reduction of the power of accommodation of the eye. In

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a dry chamber that can be kept for several hours at 212° F. ; after cool-

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tion without an ansesthetic than he would be to die from the an-

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Third District, LEROY J. BROOKS, M. D., Chenango County.

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urates ; the kidneys seem engorged, and on section accumulations of

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destructive either in large or small doses, to normal cell

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point the way to common interests ; each member and

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known to end fatally, by causing extensive disease of surround-

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the Government of India, a welcoine to the gentlemen

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average of thirty days, twenty-seven of which furnished successful

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disappear with appearance of Bacterium termo ... 188

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water has evaporated, it leaves the resorcin as a white powder on

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of the external oblique at the external ring. It is proper to

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prolonging the life for two to three weeks death has finally occurred

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ticularly in the intestines, it splits up into creasote and carbonic

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found that leaving out of the question the numbers of

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toms exhibited seem to be the product of old morbid changes, and not

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ach six by three and three fourths inches, and a small one in

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ably affirmed to influence the onset of the cachexia in any espe-

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