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had been previously saturated with pleural effusion and partly dried.

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Again, some of them are handicapped by lack of adequate appro-

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More experiments with preventives might have been made, and those

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it sends its protective influence to all the people, the rich and

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the importation whereof is hereby prohibited by the acts relating to the customs are

antabuse pills side effects reaction

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has proved fatal to a good many hogs. The disease among fowls is

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gion. Railway cars and cattle-ships are prolific sources of infection,

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tion of morphine and hyoscine. Later in the evening, on com-

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The merits and demerits of operation for the cure of frac-

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vagina which may have been previously noted, should it be the

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much lower, and there has been very much less pain. To-day

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fibrous, tough, with small yellow nodules scattered through it.

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contagious properties. While the portion which does not pass through still retains it,

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seem to have some influence in predisposing the organism to its inva-

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a peculiar sensation of warmth under the skin was complained of.

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believe, good treatment as relieving portal congestion and as

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largest number of cases of actual obstruction of the bowels,

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with the use of saline enemas. The enema is best given with

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twenty sheep inoculated at Alfort with his prepared virus, four had died

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nuria with ascites had 12 anchylostoma. A dysentery

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closure. A small rent in the peritoneal coat some distance above

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Tubes Xos. 41 to 45: 1 to 500 ; 1 to 300 ; I to 100: 1 to 50: 1 fco 25, Liquid turbid;

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sheep-scab. The United States of America, 535 cargoes, of which 69 cargoes consisti ng

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very few have died. The only contagious disease that has prevailed

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justify one in pronouncing it diseased with swine plague. The iodine

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Brief!}" I have reviewed the subject announced in my

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neous layer, the medullary tube, or the middle layer, muscle,

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various foreign countries and in some of the states of our own

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says ' numerous small rdl(%'^ over right upper lobe increased by

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98.8° F. and pulse 76 to 96. At this time it was reported that

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septisemia — that is, that such maladies may arise spontaneously by ex-

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