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lutely the malignancy of uterine disease, since it would then be

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to the knot to insure against untying. The remaining por-

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extent with those countries who have not yet fallen into line.

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syringe, perhaps that known as Higginson's is the best. The

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obstruction. In fact, there is no doubt that such cases fre-

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1. This order shall take effect from and immediately after the nineteenth day of

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ter and lime and magnesia phosphates and carbonates ; (3)

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coating; pharynx pale; larynx normal; physical examination of

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possible to complete the programme without undue haste,

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process. What, then, are the symptoms which lead us to suspect

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Under the microscope the cells are all filled with fine granules. In

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is probably accounted for by the manuer in which I inoculated. I in-

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and with imperfect apprehension of conditions and methods.

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tions, but the main points in all are to stay in doors in bad

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The bronchial lymphatic gland* are of a deep red, but not so dark.

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of the basement membrane have passed off. Subsequently it is gradually reproduced.

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have a tendency to become polypoid in form, and hence by

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Columbus. — Our hogs and fowls have been afflicted with various dis-

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cases of puerperal fever and allied conditions with 33 recoveries,

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provisions relating to contagious or infectious diseases contained in any order of council for the time

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small. They claim that many of the unsatisfactory results pre-

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recent investigations have shown that in all putrefying animal and

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large mass of straw impacted below the ileo-csecal valve. In the

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toms of malarial fever, because in (quotidian ague, the

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ally placed three fourths of an inch below the topmost point

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and after being brought out on the other side of the vessel

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Clinton. — At least nine-tenths of the horses in this county are suffer-

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more or less complete. My own five cases were all prolonged

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From this time on his improvement continued uninterrupt-

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these operations the arteries supplying the flaps are divided

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always ask him how much water he drinks. You will generally

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