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animal tissues other than the thyroid gland may produce an intoxi-
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bacillus. It is perhaps not out of place here to bear
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The same gentleman has succeeded in obtaining a mitigated form of
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In August were shipped from Boston, 5,488 ; of these 97 died.
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most credit on the officers who attained them ; but they
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some extent with the ordinary forms of insanity and their
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ence over them which keeps them in abeyance. Thus we have seen
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*'The conclusions we have drawn from its rather extensive use
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a condition which may be likened to that of an old, hard-
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effect the sentiment which the words produce. I have labored for
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and it can very conveniently be given on a piece of lint when
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bowels, with constipation and all its chain of evils.
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of the healing mystery, six quarts rouse the giant powers of
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twenty-four hours. The patient then suddenly died. The only
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appearance of pus. It was noticeable that on removal of pressure
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98. Where the rate levied or required for the purposes of this act exceeds or would
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through its walls in sufficient quantity to stain all of the organs in its
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**I have thought it worth while to report these typical cases,
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giving nearly as muddy or unsightly a solution as the alcoholic
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Westminster, or the liberties thereof, or in the borough of Southwark, or at any place
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to that of Koch's, which ten years ago started the lines of
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frequently so extremely intense. The only explanation of
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fact that it can under no circumstances supplant the ordinary
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physical development, unusual strength and fine form, it was diffi-
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these classes of animals. Fowls are afflicted with the disease known as
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tion of the injected poison. Of the various chemical compounds used
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affection of the skin loosen the attachments of the superficial layer of epidermis. The
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In typhoid fever, therefore, we have a most potent illustration of a
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attacked by pleurisy with effusion, from which he died on the 6th March.
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five to ten drops on absorbent cotton packed tight in a cigar-holder
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deserves a fair hearing and free discussion. Diseases of the
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"3. It is tasteless, therefore easily administered. This is its
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b. Filaments spiral, stiff, moving only forward or backward: Spirillum.
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concludes : "The results of these experiments lead me to believe
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conditions (into folie circulaire^ circular insanity, periodic

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