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glands. The dermoid cysts usuall}^ contain, in part, a thick

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For prohibiting or regulating the holding markets, fairs, exhibitions or sales of ani-

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but manufacturers adjust themselves to the new conditions. The

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properties, and they are produced so rapidly that little time

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gauze wound around the ends of the rod. The rod is left in

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ing out its prophylaxis, withholding relief except as neces-

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gated with hot sterilized saline solution, at a temperature of

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Experiment No. 14.— Four pigs were inoculated May 3, with virus which

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latter possessing great activity of movement. In the fluid of the vesicles are largo

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development— they never yield spores, and their mirft'qrfication is always effected by division

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exhibited some patients. The patients had previously been under

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ference for so-called respectable people at their clinics is of

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children with normal digestion. They took care that the diet of

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large cinders as are likely to be of still further use in keeping up

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ous directions, dividing it into two, three, four, or even more parts,

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infecting remains of the carcase beneath. Such soils, it will be seen,

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But these are only after laboratory experiments. It is now necessary to determine

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affected with pdeuro-pneumonia. The State officers killed all those

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With the carbolic-acid treatment it is different. In some of the ani-

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sults were obtained in two cases which gained fifteen and ten

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attacks of colitis, but from time to time is subject to severe

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number of instances passed a very dark colored fluid from the

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in river water near a ship with a cholera patient ;

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Stafford. — Chickens are affected with the common disease known as

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use as an antipyretic, and, to a less extent, to its sedative action

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the thigh. This was accordingly done on the 16th, but the child sank and died

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must be delayed till a remission has occm'red, such as

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tative body of the respective elements of which it is com-

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Clinton. — A few horses have been lost during the past year by dis-

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