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special hospitals for women officered by medical women,
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in a strangulated hernia; for the conditions are certainly
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sis of acute obstruction, it may be said that there will be no
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X>leuro-pneumonia could have existed in Canada without having been detected, and
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from cholera. The epidemic went on continuously for
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board a vessel in Great Britain, for the purpose of supplying the passengers or crew
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abdominal incision. In many cases such delay is inadmissi-
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condition ; the former only acted in large dose and in an uncertain man-
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to the same degree and under the same circumstances in the blood from
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purative process. Boric acid possesses this power but feebly.
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sion, upon consultation it was decided to remove the coccyx which
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Thick black represents Cholera Mortality per 10,000.
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tremely rarely to be found except in places in which
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in glycerine, chromic-acid solution, or alcohol ; the sections have been
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wall. The silver sutures are then twisted, the abdomen is
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Upon motion of Dr. Stockton, the president appointed the fol-
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Dudley, A. Palmer, 678 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co.
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The causes, already described, that give rise to acute
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surface water of the infected well, duiing the height
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both oval and spherical particles, which I considered as "bacteria spores.
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anaesthesia is accomplished, and which may last as long as an hour
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Hydragogue cathartics also aid the action of diuretics, but
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In order to show at a glance the length of the period of incubation
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with foreign sources of infection, systemic poisoning, and
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Cases in past years in the vicinity of several of our cities, of its attacks, and subse-
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He has periodical " going out times" as he describes them and the
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suffer more or less every year from cholera. Fowls are also afflicted
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demonstrated ability in that art to commend himself to the
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exist, and another case in which it may be at least suspected that a
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much heavier than that in the Punjab. In the follow-
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of bowel involved may be two or three and the complexity of
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enchymatous nephritis he had found it act when digitalis and
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researches in regard to measures of prevention also in that direction.
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Of course you are all aware that many attempts have been
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teriological tests that had been conducted at the Institute of
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fitness of those applying for alms, and this inquiry must not
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perform their ablutions in the pond, while oxen, buf-
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