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arranged to go to a hospital for removal of a tumor of the

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than the other side, as well as redder. During the night

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ored plate in Professor Williams's book was a fairly good representation

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people masquerading in the garb of charity, but eager to feed

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ings at the disposal of the Executive Committee. This removed one of the main difficulties, viz.,

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expense of such recklessness other conditions are quite prominent.

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The slaughter of large numbers of American swine at the port of landing on account

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trifle, but lies most of the time shivering in a corner. Its nose is not sore,

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masterful courage he kept close watch upon his symptoms, and

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Cliiouic trismus is an affection which arises from impaction

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and Schonlein, Vorlesungen tiber Pathologic und Therapia, 3 Auiiage 1837. Band

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One of the bronchial glands on the right side is cheesy. The

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isted for the last twenty-four hours). No. 5 is neither worse nor better;

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later after the treatment is stopped. The accuracy of these obser-

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cation. One of the most prominent workers in this line has been

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has reported on "The Immunization of Sick Children with Beh-

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another origin, justifies the conclusion that Nothnagle's ex-

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internal use, since it can be given in twenty to thirty times the quantity.

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there have been cases of pleuro-pneumonia, or lung fever, among the cows in the

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Pig No. "2. — 1 with pure virus dilated with four parts distilled water. January 3.

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cipating them. He has overcome those difficulties in a way

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doing the penny-in-the-slot trick will be compelled to find

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dark bluish red. Both lids and conjunctiva of the left eye are of a deep bluish red,

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water repeatedly contaminated with swine-plague schizophytse, which

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were inoculated with active virus. One died September 27, the other

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showed me every attention and rendered me every assistance within his

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of Geneva, and Mrs. Ella J. Ellwood of Seneca Falls.

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one and only cause of consumption. This he did in 1882,

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floor covering a dark, closed space all but impervious to air. Into such

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of importance in connection with the diagnosis. The treatment

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