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not due to a mechanical cause. Still, the diagnosis will be
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organisms were introduced. Billroth** found in fluids of an intense
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would remove it by operations upon the ocular muscles. But,
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into a search for the bacillus. But the cholera vibrio
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effect in diminishing pus and lessening cough. The cigar-
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ference in the virulence of the cases, for whereas in the former
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virulent properties of certain schizophytte of the genus bacillus, ba-
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portions of milk when I must have known that a gallon a
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Why is it that the medical profession possesses no such power ? I
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used, comprises soaked in this being applied to the wound and
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our infected districts. In this report of the privy council the only ports referred to
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close soil beneath, saturated with decomposing organic matter, the best
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and almost black, the hepatization being circumscribed by the lobulettes. The whole
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become reconciled, in a surprising degree, to their condition.
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cannot. When there is a great deal of pus in the sputum,
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Technique and Use of Saline Infusions. By Thomas F. Reilly,
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action although some mention has been made of its use as a
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and impossible of experiment, of all vanities the most vain, of all
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of this agent in chronic coughs, and yet he claims its value in this
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a committee of the faculty of the Cooper Medical College made a
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remedies, and when our patients recover or die, we are
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fevers, eight hours before the remission. A combination of
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place in a state of disease and in a state of poverty,
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few cases, in which the pain is so definitely limited to a par-
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to the profession to the end that oxytuberculin may be thoroughly
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infected during operation, and in two subsequently ; in the
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on the diagnosis except by failing to act on the bowel. Rec-
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the Ship-owners' Association of Liverpool, believe that the true interests of the people
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limited to the right side and of rather severe character. During
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occasions. That this should be the case, however, is not unnat-
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during health ; and the question is so important, that I devote the next
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