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She was discharged on October 8th, and before that time the

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Dr. Klein states that his Bacillus had the same stages of growth as

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observed, does not exist in the case of the totally thyroidless dog.

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by section sixty of the act of 1869, and by articles 36 and 37 of the animals order of

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cal literature of the past year although much was expected from

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tance attaching to the special question of immunity from charbon in the ovine species

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May 2. — No change for the worse in any of the pigs. Pigs Nos. 2 A and

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infectious and caused by this bacillus. All honour to Koch !

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cording to his experience, benefit had accrued in nearly every

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weak and irregular without organic lesion, and the pulse was cor-

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when he was last examined. The vision of L. E. had improved,

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ciently large initial dose, and to give it at the earliest possible

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Importation of cattle, Engl Lsh orders relating to - 218

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ing the spread of cholera would be expected to show

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As regards Ceylon, Dr. Kynsey, the Principal Civil Medical

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of the upper fragment by the action of the quadriceps exten-

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pig . x 925. 0"bjecl±v-e •• >io homo-

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very extensive examinations made of these same animals by the Massa-

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pre-patellar inflammatory swellings in scrubbing women. ^Nepveuffl]

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Hess. — Fowls have the cholera, and most of those attacked die. They

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and this in a saturated solution in olive oil and used hypo-

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so instrumental in making the hospital an institution of im-

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a part. Here, the commencement of season of cholera

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which has resulted primarily from the introduction into the system of

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affairs as well as in maladies, so that even after a defeat there al-

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Infectious Diseases of the Hindu Kush. By Surgn.-Capt. H. B. Luard, m.b., b.s., I. M. S. ... 326 — 331

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of June, 1878, had been buried 2 meters (6.8) deep. Two years later, that is, recently,

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The Treasurer next read his annual accounting, and presented

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easily be objectionable, I entirely fail to see the superiority of this

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during the earlier stages some extent of antiperistaltic action of the oesophagus, with

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verely condemn the current practice of allowing pigs to crowd together

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