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and from there over the New York Central to Albany, thence over the

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must be regarded rather as a useful adjunct to the many already

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teria. It has been used and strongly recommended by Dr. Georg

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how often, and at what times each one of the experimental pigs was in-

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As a preliminary to the consideration of the differential

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render them proof against charbon in countries where the disease prevails. To make

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impervious subsoil, in the basins of partially-dried ponds and lakes, on

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known that these enlarged glands are the result of tubercu-

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Surgn,-Major H. P. Dimmock, l.r.cp., m.r.c.s., I.M.S.

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notes of typical cases of the various forms of heart disease, which

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almost sure to come round. It is most difficult to lay down any

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Medallist of the Hospitals of Paris. Post 8vo. 12s. Gd.

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fied as is the employment of animal food to sustain life; and we

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to sell his donkey, on his way there he tried to please every-

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J. E. Janvrin, M. D., of New York County . . . .320

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"I have, thus far, used only a 10 per cent, solution of antipyrin.

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ing to her friends. She had complained of feeling unwell for

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ease. All our energies are directed toward the raising of cotton, and no

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Avith a drachm of slightly putrid virus from a bad case of the plague.

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influence of, produces insusceptibility to disease 10, 117

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oppression at the chest, especially on making the slightest exer-

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nation of the patient, in whom there was, according to the author,

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per cent. He follows this by inserting a soluble bougie of pro-

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and difficult micturition. With advancing time and successive preg-

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side landing-stage, Birkenhead ; and has six landing-places for animals not for slaugh-

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they bathe, wash their clothes, and get drinking water

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Those who are still in doubt as to which of the many generators

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With a Preface by Forbes Wixslow, M.D. Post 8to. V2s. (id.

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the object itself, what is the proper lateral displacement of the

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death he showed mainly torpor of the liver and bowels, and finally, in

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All observations, then, x^oint to these granules as the active agents of

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eczema. However he claims that it is now the most efficient pow-

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which a smaller amount has been passing, and consequently

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perature of 100° C. (212° F.). It has been used in the treatment

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imported cholera patient, or person from a locality

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