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The experiments made since the first days of April at my experimental

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vailing among horses, cattle, or sheep in this county. The loss of hogs

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The second form of genital pain seizes upon the spinal and

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The maximum doses of Burlureaux can be exceeded without risk

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cous surfaces of the vaginal and male urinary tract do not show

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New Madrid.— My own hogs are now in a healthy condition, but I see

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10. Narrow strictures in the scrotal and perineal regions

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It is, also, however, met with in valvular disease, and in fatty

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minutes. I also use the crystals in ulcer of the cornea and when

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that had been mixed for five hours with an equal volume of a 4 per

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partly in the tissues, and that the chief agents in its formation

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dried ; in a word little suited to the existence of earth worms. The present eminent

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Grogs. This malady has not been so wide-spread as usual. The epizooty

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general court of Massachusetts Bay Colony to govern the people

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fact to the principal officer of Her Majesty's customs at the port.

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virulent anthrax liquids were made while the system was still disordered

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Flick maintained that the good effects of the treatment were to be

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Hill Climates. By J. Morton, m.d., Mussooi'ie ... ... ... ... ... 335

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but so far have not succeeded in watching and observing every one of

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of hydrogen dioxide is applied, that of the evolution of gas form-

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order to distribute the small particles uniformly throughout the

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tion. March 18th. Three-pint injection of saltwater followed by

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Letter from F 'resident of the Commissionei's, District of Col umhia, to Hon W. M. Evarts. in-

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be no less inoffensive to these worms than those of charbon, and yet bearers of diseases

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range extending across the continent at an angle of

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much efi'ect on the pulse and strength. However, he feels called

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which, on account of persistent vomiting, mixtures are

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April 14. — Inoculated with swine-plague schizophytse, cultivated in fresh milk.

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and he was allowed to walk about with the aid of a cane. The

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Cataicba.—Oiiv farm animals have maintained very good health dur-

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scope, and have at times obtained effects which were fairly correct.

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next morning at 8:20 a. m. a friend administered two tablespoons-

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but not every year. Sheep are subjected to rot, but comparatively few

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bread ; the chyme digests butter ; and the chyle digests

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to cause death. Where large quantities have been used and

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Germany, where a special chemical industry appears to have

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