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ject of contagious pleuro-pneumonia or bovine lung plague, will be read

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that I selected the healthiest and strongest looking of

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life. I hav^ known no other man of such a uniformly cheerful

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method of. of swine-plague virus treated with chloride of zinc 14

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distinguish light from darkness, and in the course of a week was

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perative duty to arrest, so far as we may, the devastation it

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bles, with digitalin if the pulse is fast; if the pulse is slow I

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In other cases they collected the organs in tubes filled with mercury,

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In aortic stenosis patients may enjoy very good health so long

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attention in the current literature of the year as in the previous

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cases he had found diuretin very useful. In cirrhosis of the liver

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Dr. Godson read a paper on ' Suhinvolution of the Uterus.'

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examined in Liverpool during parts of July and August, in no one of

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of June and July. Cattle of all ages and grades suffer from black leg.

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ease among the farm animals of this county during the past two years.

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themselves to be in the case of the mother. The only other hypothesis

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large doses. I therefore gave exclusive preference to

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'*Ten days later my son, after working a day with the shrub,

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miles in the cold, a subnormal temperature, lasting two or

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for tuberculosis. With the assistance of the governor, who

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Notes on Vaccination. By C. Banks, m.b., d.p.h., Puri ... ... ... ... 250 — 252

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lows: The forearm being in position, cleansed, and a bandage

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streets, almost one on every block ; they are smooth of man-

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knowledge of its etiology may lead to prophylactic measures which may be easily ap-

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The lungs are of a pale pink, with spots of blood-red extravasation, probably from

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exists ; we may do for them what they want us to do, and

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as to develop their full power. Ever since men have dwelt

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tract it again if inoculated or exposed to infection, or will, as a rule,

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mate the value of the losses, among the various classes of domesticated

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hospital without pay ? Why does he give his services away,

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ing septicaemia, as already explained, and caseous masses, giving rise to tubercle in

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the uterine cavity with orthoform gauze an hour before he was to

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vomiting are most common in strictures and tumors, where

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shrivelled epithelium on the velum palati or pharynx. The rim a

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Dr. Wm. C. Ussery of St. Louis, Mo., has called attention to the

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