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importance to the student was omitted from the college cur-

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formaldehyde cement under the name of '•' formagen." He

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Williams, however, declared that in his opinion even it was not the dis-

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year by the disease known as cholera at $10,000. The only losses of any

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it is a trustworthy form of evidence. It has become quite the

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more than a minute before this she had been turned over on to

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The number is considerable, and far in excess of the total number of cases of the dis-

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ance connected with this epidemic to which I wish to

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There were landed in Great Britain during 1880 from places out of the United King-

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conquered by kind treatment." Some years ago I was called in

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account of this case, see Med. Chir. Transactions, Vol. LIX.)

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of a 10 per cent, solution of sulphide of ammonium with a dog ; ft and I

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sleeping in dry, dusty beds will produce this disease, and that after it has once de-

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Trimble. — Our horses have got the epizooty, but as yet none have

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showing various characters of degeneration, and that

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an elevation or a depression of temperature, and the latter

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regard to obtaining satisfactory pictures of the arterial system.

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the result? Herein lies one of the great dangers of empir-

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and sides of the neck has proved serviceable during exacerba-

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acter of the convulsion, I examined his heart, which beat very

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quiry in every section of the State visited, I failed to find or hear of a

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The bronchial lymphatic gland* are of a deep red, but not so dark.

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less of the trade and more of the scientific element,

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relative merits of chloroform and ether, and numerous letters have

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normal mental calibre or peculiarities, the nutrition, the

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which have been found useful in other microbic conditions. These

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under observation two years. The. case is utilized because of her

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He considered at length the perplexing question of the normal

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cent, from Montreal. The rates on American cattle during the first half

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in the most affected parts of the metropolis, and the

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IHI Quoted by Hiller in Lehre von der Fiiuluiss, p. 147.

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" 5. Every question at a meeting of a committee or subcommittee shall be deter-

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mentioned Professor Virchow, and the pleasure it afforded me to

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