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cock is placed with her, and the two fed with the liver and muscles from

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that " French latrines " and " enclosed spaces " are

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The secondary effect of alcohol is always that of a vascular

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of this discipline it was surprising how infrequently cough was

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pleuro-pneumonia existing among animals in this State. From the secretary of the

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then tied in the bowel, and the ends are cut shoit. The

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probably not so in all cases. In the case I have just reported,

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mercial 40 per cent, solution of formalin for each 1,000 cubic feet

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on the eye whatever. It seems to act simply by paralysis of the

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the descending or inspired atmosphere into the most minute bronchi, alveoli, and air

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that it seldom tries to do, and if it does, almost always fails.

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was not an inoculable disease ; but in order to be absolutely certain I

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a subject which confines itself to so small a part of this body

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1878, and printed in its Transactions, in which he advocated

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Dr. Holger Mygind of Copenhagen, Denmark, has written an

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nate use of picric acid dressings in the treatment of burns, in a

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York no statute which gave authority to deal with the exam-

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With a certain number of patients it is impossible to trace a

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fore were completely harmless. These discoveries threw

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prevailed among cattle in this county in 1856, has again made its

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10 P.M. — Temperature, 104-2°. Pulse, 144. Severe frontal

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normal blood cells and numerous micrococci. .Drawing No. Ill, Z>, rep-

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can from my own observation state that clinically I have

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spring — nearly all the swine had died or been butchered — came near

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has taught us that the pyloric end secretes pepsin only, and

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slight granular degeneration of the muscular fibres of the heart.

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acetin, antipyrin, and sodium salicylate, and the druggist was

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it swarms with their germs which your waters have deposited, and these I believe to

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febrile infections besides that of typhoid may also give

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intestines ; fourth, compression by the neoplasms and pelvic

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tive method of treatment, and its neglect, I am certain, is

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Parliament, to levy a local rate to the amount required for the purposes of this act,

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first, as to whether there is any fever which can be

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the saline solution by intravenous injection is recorded as

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