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which chiefly affect them, two fairly definite types
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or loss of substance. Close in front of the pylorus are several ulcers, with bright yel-
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gauze wound around the ends of the rod. The rod is left in
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hence a great scarcity of reliable material even in badly infected districts.
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has recovered unless the attack is an exceptionally mild one. Such an
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averted leads to resort to the stimulants His temperature for
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cultivated fluid was no longer infecting when inoculated on animals.
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to give the results of further experimentation ; but enough data
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claims. Therefore it is well to bear in mind that in attempt-
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range extending across the continent at an angle of
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The method of the present investigation runs parallel
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Carbolic acid poisoning. — Landouzy in severe cases of
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page 63 " where 65 '38 per cent of the cream of the
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ton,^ is found the following table, which shows the value to
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ceived the same numbers as the pens which they occupied. Pens Kos.
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twelfth day, and that only after the perineal (or rather vagi-
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February 14, this pig was inoculated with virulent pork infusion cultivated with a very limited sup-
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that this matter has been largely righted. I quote from the
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To hear him speak of them was to feel the human world better and
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be your nitrifying agent." In other words, I am led to deny the existence of a special
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of the anaemia in a large number of the cases under
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animals had a plain odor of putrefaction even before death ; and this
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it into the segment below, thus producing an intussusception.
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The hard surface cannot be broken up by rooting, and therefore the
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Methinks I see thee now in mental vision looking at me through
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hand over forehead. He lies on his right side. The skin is
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Truax, was born on the old family place, about seven miles from
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came with a smile and invariably left with an encouragement. In
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1 ,- Z'. -i^i 7-. U^ » i:i ,-. ^ Oi ^ (H ,-,r-. r-, -^ ,- Oi . r- ^ ^ .1-1 . O
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Cattle raised in the infected localities are much more exempt from the disease than
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ticularly. Nothing decisive has been brought to my notice

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