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Catgut." He carried on a series of nine experiments and after

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satisfactorily by ten-grain doses of ammonol at the time, or by five-

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much. The carbolic acid treatment was continued till September 30, at

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first evidence of vomiting since illness began. Abdominal

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necessarily tends to increase the danger to the patient.

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large and 19 small flukes, i.e., the distoma cressum and the

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destructive one, is black-leg. It attacks thrifty young cattle, generally

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Second, by compression. This occurs where adhesions bind

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skill in the healing art, — yet we fully realise that without

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taken care of by Mr. Seymour, a student of the Illinois Industrial Uni-

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they may be carried, and from which the poison is spread over one or

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stomach will hold a larger proportion of hydrochloric acid.

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■ " ^^ ^ • . ^ ^1 — — -^ ^ — . • ^-i • . :m ^ ^

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extending to or sometimes beginning in the optic nerve.

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Under certain conditions the exposure of the Bacillus anthracis to

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worse ; his appetite was very bad, and he vomited his food. He passed 2^ pints of

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in nearly every case, be traced to want of care in feeding. Cholera has

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Case XXIY. — Eev. A. H., aged 74. Incipient senile cataract in

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directions, and the resultant pictures compared with pictures of

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have another origin. In swine-plague material, for instance, in the

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get very weak and perform their duty with great respiratory difficulty.

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phor, nor by one-tenth per cent, of iodine. It is destroyed by 1 per cent,

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that of chronic conditions, and I must necessarily repeat

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life; (4) because, when supplied from a generator placed outside

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acting anaesthetic, but seemed to me not to penetrate deep enough

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estates and in towns and villages by the provision and proper

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The continuation of the alimentary track was closely examined and found to be

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extent of the bronchial inflammation. Bhonchus, confined to the upper and middle

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mation of intussusception, but over 50 per cent, of the cases

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fact, gave in the hands of the originator a fair percentage of

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weak and irregular without organic lesion, and the pulse was cor-

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