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shipper in the country, and wbo is said to be carrying out the plans of Vanderbilt and

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affected with glanders, nasal gleet, or catarrh; it is hard to determine

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restoration of the normal calibre and suppleness of the

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t!ie description of their mechanism will bring out the fact

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bought in Brighton market, Boston, and had been brought from Chicago

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burns of the third degree he finds the acid much less useful; it

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destroy at once like cholera or plague, but decimate slowly and

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fourths per cent.), and allowed to stand four hours, when the liquid was

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reported where it is found of value, are so numerous that it would

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to the first, our knowledge is precise and almost com-

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undoubtedly are well founded, and have contributed in bringing about

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According to the results of my experiments and observations, carbolic

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group, placing in eacli group all the insanities characterized

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ures is very direct. Dr. Fillebrown of Boston, a dentist and

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increases and the Health Department is strengthened.

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"After referring to the experimental results and clinical experi-

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The Results of Open Operation in the Treatment of Recent Frac-

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Middlesex.— The raising of fowls is one of the principal industries of

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developed in the liquid had been so thick that the deeper strata had

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see that he passed away so quietly and without pain. The funeral

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Washington St., Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 24, 1898.

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belladonna plaster. iShould haemoptysis occur, the indication

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shifted their position, and in a few minutes would move nearly across

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least at first, and therefore general treatment is not necessarily

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on varied and valuable clinical experience, but as a sheep

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collapse, or at least fainting, giddiness, and nausea. Owing to

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Civil Surgeon, Umballa .. ... ... ... ... ... 110 — 115

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dence would seem to favor such a transmission after the formation of

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tors call bronchiectasis ; that is, in one of the tubes of your

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tal tubes can onl}^ unload the lower bowels of gas, and usu-

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forms of treatment in that line. In addition, he applied a solution

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of them, up to a few generations ago, were only blind lead-

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of the tube was inoculated with a cholera microbe from

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of supplementary development. To admit the existence

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first of these was to drink a large quantity of water in the

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exposed to the free action of the air. The method was this : Pieces of

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