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changes taking place, so that it may be enabled to overcome the

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Wound of Orhit. — A youth, 16 years old, whilst standing on a chair cleaning

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their calibre, and throwing more work upon the left heart,

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potato, boiled rice, stale bread and butter, and some of the green

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a number of days, and, of course, the pyoktanin is active as an

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t See Special Eeport No. 22, page 179, Department of Agriculture, for argument in

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and to which therefore the term anchylostomiasis may

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equally healthy stock to ship from, that they are as able to show good results. Farther,

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before the National Conference of Charities, May, 1898.)

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premises (that is to say) [here describe the glace where the disease is found}.

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1880, with infected intestine which had been packed three days in bran.

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and No. 2 B eats hardly anything at all. No. 5 is exceedingly weak,

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Diseases, their Nature, Causes, and Symptoms, the most approved Methods of

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William Eassib, C.E., F.L.S., F.G.S., &c.. Author of 'Healthy Houses.'

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affected with contagious disease is horses. The disease is a distemper,

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No. 3 (see account of post-mortem examination of that pig). Com-

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prevails among hogs in some localities in this county. Some seasons

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only 120 miles from Ahmedabad and in direct railway

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and though his home flock is but a short distance from them, but a few of these have

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name of " cresoform," which he described as being a greenish

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Murphy, W. L. Hogeboom, Charles C. Rathbone, J. J. Kindred,

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heart, liver, supra-renal capsules, and kidneys quite natural.

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In discussion, Dr. A. B. Miller stated that we can save many

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looked with favor on self-constituted authority, particularly in

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The cholera microbe then obtained from it killed guinea-

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doubtful, because the animals were purchased in the autumn and remained sound

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Naphtalin (naphthalene), one of the hydrocarbons obtained

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