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some days past, and on September 5th had purchased a headache
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Lorain. — I give following estimate of the value of losses of farm
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is common in this as in all kinds of bronchitis. It is probably
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the pharynx is prevented, and the air-passage straightened. If
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ports of the United States, and, as it was not in the interest of the owners to ship
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sufficient to cause either partial or complete obstruction.
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or neglect. Sepsis is the sole source of danger, and with the
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A partial failure which befell Toussaint at Alfort deserves to be men-
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that under these circumstances great delay must necessarily arise if the slaughter
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The mass was irreducible and gangrenous, and the mesentery
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dence; and a review of my entire experience with this disease, together
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peptonized milk, may be given from time to time until four
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change that may be supposed to take place, and so far the
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We are, consequently, forced back upon the observations of Dr. Det-
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in this section shall prejudicially affect the mortgage security of the public-works loan
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them in this behalf, do order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows :
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acid before they exhibited plain symptoms of swine plague, or before
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during the year, from all causes. Farm animals are generally healthy.
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ments to produce its beneficial results. In neuralgias generally it
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were to be landed at a place of landing approved by the Privy Council within one of
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i third, of Dr. Detmers, on investigations, of swine plague -"-J?
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some die. Hogs are more or less fatally affected every year with cholera
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already discovered and so weE. described by Perroncito
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The fourteenth annual meeting of the Branch was held at 315
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odenum is a dark green mass of biliary matter, solid in consistency, but not dry.
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for presenting this compilation being that it forms one link
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diseased with contagious pleuro-pneuinonia since the time I left Liver-
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seven anchylostoma coupled with six, twelve and four
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human subjects with gratifying results. {Berlin. Idinischc Woch-
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I have not previously published an account of these
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Mallein, the tetanus antitoxin analogous to tuberculin, has
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be contained within this cavity was thoroughly searched for, nothing of
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so on until the entire body is completed in all its harmony and symmetry.
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ough irrigation of the abdominal cavity with some bland
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1 ,- Z'. -i^i 7-. U^ » i:i ,-. ^ Oi ^ (H ,-,r-. r-, -^ ,- Oi . r- ^ ^ .1-1 . O
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German Edition, with the Author's permission , by Arthur Gamgee, M.D., F.R.S.
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to refer to other valuable uses of eosot and geosot, such as their

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