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been agreed that about a 10 per cent, solution is the most univer-
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unbeliever in Christian dogma and all other religious theories, but
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hospital. The patient lived for twelve days after the operation,
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commenced in the early stage ; 1 4 recovered, 20 died :
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by my friend Mr. Lyons at his own cost, and in describing the
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Goler, George W., 127 East Ave., Rochester, Monroe Co.
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do for them all that may be accomplished. It is unquestion-
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examination No. 10). Pig No. 12 is very low, and hardly able to move,
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in London, Dr. Marcy presented the subject,^ and advocated
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Sir : In the following pages I have the honor to lay before you my
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of the breast, and but six were after operations outside the
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doubtful, because the animals were purchased in the autumn and remained sound
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Dr. J. Lindsay Porteous of Yonkers, N. Y., has recommended
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Helm of Tangermiinde, Prussian Saxony, has to report the death
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parts of India, the difficulties for my operations would
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developments. I saw her again a few weeks later. She had taken
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deflected at right angles to the sacrum, being turned toward the
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normally present in large number in the human intes-
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difficultv in detecting* the presence of a well-marked cloudi-
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ments for purification and filtration, and it is our belief,
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agents, of Boston, Mass., who have this year employed an inspector,
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from the more healthy portion (see preparation marked S. S. Brazilian, recent disease)
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Dr. Truax was educated in the common and select schools in
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tiiat the presence of these parasites gives rise to a specific
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previous practice had been to use creasote and guaiacol simply, but
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Simple strictures may also follow an ulcer due to the im-
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