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once, and each time before it had fully recovered).

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in this county and is now prevailing extensively. The disease has made

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two or more is to be kept in mind. This singleness of the

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in the breeding, rearing, and treatment of farm animals will pay. Im-

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of the healthy ones it is advisable, where practicable, to separate the hi ids into lots of

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orrhage has been generally recognized. Even now, despite

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matter. It will be interesting therefore to note that the artificial

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Extermination of pleuro-pneumonia, recommendation for 20(i

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ing attack of typhoid fever with a prolonged and tedious convales-

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Experiments to determ Ine the effect of solutions of cliloride ofzincon the virus of swine plague.

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to labour on estates. He saw therefore only those who,

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of this department, asking for such information as they could give

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ing the prevalence of diseases among swine and other domestic animals in the States,

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noticed with any of the fowls, the birds of that lot should be changed

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In every such case the local authority shall report to the privy council the fact and mode

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is good when once established, whether by nature or by art.

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in which he displayed some rank infidelity. Dr. Cronyn gave

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Frequently in its passage it will have collected a quantity of

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tell us the result of their experience of them. The prin-

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and there are so many minutise in it that it consumes a

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siil ,--n-::i "e , i-as widl start if the operation be commenced

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The physical signs of bronchitis are as follows : Percussion returns a more or less

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organizing the society known as the Barons of Eunnymede, which

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ous directions, dividing it into two, three, four, or even more parts,

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such an agitation. The reckless use of anaesthetics in some quar-

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had been so treated. Three of these, developing in foundlings in

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A thousand examples of the squabbles and intrigues of

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rinderpest, it is the most dreaded aud destructive disease known among cattle. Un-

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tion as a guardian against that scourge of the human race,

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three days, and one-third only when it had been packed for thirty days.

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to the condensed portion. It is at first sight difficult to understand how incomplete

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target of spirits, both good and bad. At their whim or

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examination the salesman to whom they are consigned is at liberty to

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lines of railway. In that year the railway system did

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beginning the trouble may be limited to a slight haziness of

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tle are subject to a disease commonly known as distemper. About nine-

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After introducing the subject, the author gave a brief historical

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