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tempted only by the united efforts of the different communities;

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(including the remission of rates), the foregoing j)ro visions of this part of this act shall

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* Annujil Report of the Sanitary Commissioner witli the Govern-

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quiring especial care. But the innate tendency of the disease

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be prepared for observing, in the course of one year,

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total abstinence, the men have been able to make forced

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upon the foot of the bed, but always using every axillary

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one-third of air, though set aside lor six, eight, and even ten months,

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objects is usually accounted for by their being domiciled for

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sults ; for this year it remained. to subject the same to a critical test.

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yet on trial, and tlie evidence must continue to accumulate consid-

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prevalent among cattle of late years. One man four miles north of me

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thi'ee round worms; another with six anchylostoma and two

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blood by the healthy gland. In some cases it appears to be even

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of that part of the state. The doctor's grandfather, Henry D.

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some mechanical condition which gradually diminishes the

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ing of interests and homogeneity of purpose foreign to us ;

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opment in which the same happen to be when the inoculation is made.

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better than this acid. The majority, however, approved of its use

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to part with its milder characteristics and resume the more virident and

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gentlemen, which I believe to be of the highest quality, and I most

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recorded in the Transactions the amount and character of work

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consignee thereof to the company, and shall be recoverable by the company from

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quoted in this connection as they are not contrasted with

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Case IX. — Obstruction in the colon relieved by an opening

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night, and out of doors within six weeks after the operation. He

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and he finds it preferable to any surgical treatment. He claims

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not to be distributed outside the body to a greater or less extent ? Is it not a common

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sion acquainted with the results attending the use of protargol in

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moved shall be deemed guilty of an offense against this act.

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out the entire duration of the experiments made at Saint Germain, t

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or Texas fever, which seems to be a species of murrain. Almost every

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