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this country a considerable amount of interest has been aroused in the States in refer-

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Extract from a message from the President of the United States, communicating, in answer

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their financial condition, but they were prepared to answer in

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nues of excretion should all be kept open to aid in the elimi-

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for some time past in this county, except among pigs. A great many

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before they become remittent in type ; (b) the exist-

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with moisture or closely compressed, its good qualities are in the main

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pigs, belonging to the same litter, about 3 months old, of Hon. J. E.

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that several hundred have it now, and it is only a question of time for all the others

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in the mesentery as through the inguinal ring. The expres-

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to 2 cro o o-th. of an inch in diameter, and supposing we could accurately

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and rough handling now kill more animals than all other causes.

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sometimes takes the whooping character ; but in the adult there

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opinion that the morbid changes were indicative of contagious pleuro-pneumonia.. I

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reported following gynecological operations, not made for

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material at Mr. Beaty's farm (cf. account of post-mortem examination

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arrack dissolving the thymol, which was thus absorbed.

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and in most of these a cough bringing up sputa is the prominent

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He obtained very gratifying results in sero-fibrinous pleurisy.

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exists in the matrix or cell ; the protoplasm must contain or

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a nut ; the size of the others varied from a pin's head upwards.

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slide, or cover glass of the microscope for examination.

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office of Great Britain for the year 1880 has just been published. From

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Hartlepool . — Hartlepool has one foreign-animals' wharf: (a) west side of the Jack-

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River district, where those large industries in the making of

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Schreiber and Waldvogel of Gottingen, Prussia, working in Pro-

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The most experienced stock growers here are convinced of the importance of hav-

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return it. It was partiaUv reduced by the House Surgeon, completely reduced a

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The twisted ends of these sutures are brought out of the

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neuralgia, or median headache might accompany an ethmoid

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a united and intelligent action, and that all parties interested

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tent consultant, gangrene of these organs. I found the

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senile cataract in each eye, otherwise media clear and fundus

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antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

days later he had aching pains in the back, and stiffness in the neck. He could not

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as yet the two great political parties have never been able

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