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probably within the neck of the sac, some extract of oak
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approbation of all. The worthy seeker after any form of char-
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phate and a combination of formaldehyde with creosote under the
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designed ad hoc, have been embodied in our laws, and
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in cases where they could have nothing whatever to do towards produc-
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with the blood stream produce pyrexia,! and, also, that acute inflam-
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parietal layers show many small eccliymoses. The blood in all
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erable number of cases been enabled to make direct inspec-
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This view is further strengthened by the fact that though an animal
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whose breeding and care are generally in the hands of Arabs, are submitted to continual
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electrification — a discharge at the surface of the skin — and this
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up of the hulls of oats. The fibres and seeds of some fruits
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taking at a general meeting of the Calcutta Medical Society held in January 1894. The
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earth are no longer in the condition of putrefaction, but rather in that of a medium of
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disease such changes may not be detected unless one is con-
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with his assistant, Mr. John E. Burbank, in the Jefferson Phys-
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bladder showed the bladder-wall of increased capillary vascularity,
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epizooty. The disease has manifested itself in a mild form, and where
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derangement of health, slight fever, and a local swelling in the seat of
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ble, and have calculated that about half the total amount of nitro-
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the crusts developed in this affection are diminished in number
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on a quill. p]aced in infected pen r> itli Xo. 2.

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