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contraindicated in cases where the ulceration is already advanced.

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it is worthy of remark that in the report of tho Minister of Agriculture, at Washington,

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sporres iiiprocess of cl±v±sioTt . 1*' The same jjjniinrlps Later-

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of fracture of nearly two years' standing in which the frag-

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by having incorporated in it a few features which make it more of

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"So far in our experience with eucaine we have not met with a

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quently occurs, so far as can be determined, independently

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was no ground whatever for supposing that the disease was epidemic. He added that

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It is not too much to claim, that, employing the means at our

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thereby securing the latter in position, and the bandage taken

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method may follow the lines whereby a whip-lash is caused

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represented here, the public of India who will read

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out exception I found the right lung inflamed $ in many cases both lungs

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its full power. It is sufficient to say that, when I came

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two with that heated to 132° ; in each case the heat was applied for fif-

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The heart, and everything else in the chest, Vas found normal. In the

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toms in the United States, ordering that all cattle should be inspected before embarka-

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vessels." (London Lancet, Vol. I for 1898, page 1680.)

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schemes are on foot for extension of water- works, drain-

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eczema of the areola is, I believe, comparatively a rare disease.

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period after the operation of resection : in a boy, set. 4, on account of malposi-

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rapidly in warm water and in alcohol, but decomposed by alkalies,

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College Hospital, Senior Physician to the Royal Infirmary for Children and

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nor would it be proper to call a case mania simply because

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guaiacol, in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, but its anal-

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The treatment applied has been tincture of iodine to vaginal fornix

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quantity that I was unable to see it on microscopical

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incalculable relief has been afforded to many sufferers by the

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enter said state unless accompanied by a certificate from an

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A 2 per cent, solution of borax, therefore, prevents the growth of this micrococcus,

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