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and honor upon the altar of Mammon to propitiate a false god in
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34 were operated after that time and six were cured even
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detail. It may be that you differ from me entirely in
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removed beyond the reach of the fowls ; a slight sprinkling is not sufficient, but the
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Table I. — -Showing the Total Number of Cases of each
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I have been professionally associated with railroad men for
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large intestine is pervious, the obstruction must be above the
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and the decomposition of this into both gaseous and solid parts which
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heart failure, so interested is the august assembly in its
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tion appears to be quite as efficacious as cocaine. In meatotomies,
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I admit we see a certain number of cases of intense
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suppuration has not occurred, the function of the joint can
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nature of this process appears to me to be consequent upon
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" (8) That we have no remedy and probably never will have a
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whether our dispensary patients really require the services
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PEUTICS. Introductory to the Course of Materia Medica at St. Mary's
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rapid, besides what is due to the rapid heart, the chill of fear
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carries them to the streams. As a consequence, these germs of disease pass into the
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will depend on the form of the body, but as a rule the lower
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Genesee. — Theepizootyhas seriously, and in many cases fatally, affect-
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Drs. J. Petruschky and G. Hinz of Danzig, Prussia, have carried
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animals are Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio ; that the only markets
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painless iridectomy or a satisfactory cataract extraction I did not
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poor are not wanted there, as their presence might drive away
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July 28. — There was some pain from noon to three o'clock, and
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Heyden, in whose laboratory it had been discovered, the latter
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some days past, and on September 5th had purchased a headache
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Smith, Stephen, 640 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co. Original.
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thenic or depraved state of the system. Many suffering with
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tongue registered 96.8°. She had absolutely lost her interest in
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the evidences of infiltration of the right base have disappeared;
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of the saline solution is in the anaemia due to hemorrhage.
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The chief benefit of the drug, therefore, is evidently apparent
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