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full of dark-brown urine, which, although perfectly clear and transpar-
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extremity of the sheath, the sheath infolding itself so as to
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Buildings, railroad, dangers from, in swine plague 131
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ceased for some time, yet if one third of the blood remains
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investigation of swine-plague from April, 1880, till date, permit me to
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total prohibition of swine flesh in all forms from all foreign sources would have been
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cholera rate of Bengal with that of a Hurdwar fair epi-
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before absorption and afterward by favoring the elimination of the
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urethral discharge is not necessarily dependent upon urethral
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large, irreducible hernia. When seen by the writer he was
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Gleitsmann, J. W., 46 E. 25th St., New York, New York Co.
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the amount of attention it deserves from even the rhinologist,
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succeeded in producing an apparatus, by modifying and combining cer-
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food are employed, that kinds of fresh food cannot be unquestion-
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Cooch Behar clearly show that the parasite exists in
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material be used, and tension is put on this with the idea of
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were once scenes of bacchanalian revelry have been so far
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their formation have their functions narrowly restricted to certain well-
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cloaca and ureters is a valuable sign, and is generally present.
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these circumstances it did not seem to him fair to lay all the
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trate this danger. In the report of the Department of Agriculture for
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<' to keep the water in the bathing pool so fresh
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they could be removed, into paraffin heated to 110° to 150° C, and pre-
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the living stream of blood. It is true that the quanti-
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account for the condition we find in " kala-azar " and
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be differently defended against the dangers ot premature
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the important elements, for it is evident that in a normal
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May 9. — General condition during the past week has im-
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of Laveran as the true pathological cause of the symp-
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the other remedies tried had failed him. His dose was 250 milli-
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impending demise, and the cerebral reflexes begin to add to
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twenty-four to forty-eight hours, according to the intensity of the fever.

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