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sigmoid or rectum. The presence of a distinct tumor in the
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ly and severally, at different times, in the blood, the
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procedure was, as soon as an affected lung was found to make a section
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was existing in a malignant form — the central part of Northern Iowa,
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knowledge; and, second, that hasty operation precipitates the
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Clinical Medicine — Dr. Black, Dr. Andrew, Dr. Souther,
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purpose, and a stepping-stone to advance its interests. True,
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demonstrations. If the teacher always etherises the animal
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tilation of the sewers, which at once tends to reduce the virulence of the
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form among our horses. Other classes of farm animals are healthy.
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fluids is impossible, demand absolute proof, without offering any evi-
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S. H. Mcllroy, and J. G. Truax since the last meeting.
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The ability to accomplish that seemed to me to be favored
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crowd of invalids you could at once, without hesitation, pick out
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May 18. — Pig No. 7 is slightly improving ; it accepts another egg,
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tween the last injection and the inoculation with anthrax liquids; other-
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healed — not the black rubber which keeps the parts wet;
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no doubt gave rise to the erroneous idea, and as error
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there were many Bacillus rods about 3^ M of an inch in diameter, and
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discovered for the treatment of this disease, i.e., such
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Brazos. — Horses, cattle, and sheep are generally healthy. Hogs and
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Experiment No. 12. — The cotton remaining from above experiment was
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Donohue, Florince O., 410 Warren St., Syracuse, Onondaga Co.
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trouble. It was easy to close them with a fine running suture.
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The above mixtm'e often causes the pulse to reappear either
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the intestine to some fixed structure, and is frequently found
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loose subcutaneous cellular tissue of these parts so favors
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fibrous, tough, with small yellow nodules scattered through it.
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Nose bleed, in many instances, can be arrested by the
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the same therapeutic measures which had baen previously tried,
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die;;! ions of the contagious pieuro-pneumonia of cattle so well known in this country.
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greatly with the season of the year, the moisture of the atmosphere, &c.
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are very heavy. Blind or sleepy staggers is the most prevalent and
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other similar infinitesimal particle of dead matter. Again, if it were

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