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forms the apex of the intussusception; ileocolic, in which it
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tribute shows signs of diminishing, it is because the mother enjoys very greatly dimin-
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other organisms, and on the impossibility of breeding
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from the place of landing, or some lair or slaughter-house adjacent thereto approved
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ally in any way limited, it will be in extreme flexion, as at a
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order, and airy regulations made by a local authority under that part of an order, are
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vous organization. Many causes contribute to the develop-
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upper part of the medulla and pons (post-mortem disintegration)
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walls of the spaces. With the increasing firmness of this exudation the alveoli are
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relied upon in our search for the truth, as at present, no one who realiy
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allow of the action of the poison on the animal system and the full
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Dr. Jas. C. McGuire of Georgetown University, D. C, has
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rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Hudson street, New York,
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Carr, William, 35 W. 46th St., New York, New York Co.
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steamers, and in the numbers given : Iberian, one ; Victoria, two ; Bra-
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in so doing, he leaned forward to look toward the bottom of the
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one half hours (Experiment 8). An atmosphere produced by ap-
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had a very slight attack, but the latter is doubtful. There exists, how-
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fession have cut their eye-teeth and recognize exactly where
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from the difficult task of finding it from the State
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T^les throughout both lungs; weight 155 pounds, 4 ounces. At
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annually have a few cases of glanders and farcy, which are always fatal.
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eye. Patient is very nervous owing to a recent fracture at the hip
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best time to use it is about a day or so before the expected
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A portable X-ray apparatus has been offered by Dr. Reginald A.
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fascia transversalis so as to displace the internal ring further
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somewhere, anywhere, to a Barren, a Blackwell, or some
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tion of the fifth nerve, leading to an engorgement of all
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I believe, than are some of the free continental ports or provinces to some of the in-
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cough. Examine their ribs and their wrists, and you will often
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common cause of a fatal termination of the disease. The next
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tion that a sudden diminution in the secretion of uriue precedes
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influenza, we may also expect the various observed local

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