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demonstration of the pathogenic action of that organism, no matter how

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me that he had had a convulsion when he drank, so some drink

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is compelled to subside for want of material, because nearly every pig-

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the patient will usually keep himself in as comfortable a con-

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pictures, and particularly to the fact that the parts, if kept at a

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the case of pig No. 9, as has been stated, and their water for drinking

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The autopsy was made early in the morning of May 1. Morbid changes :

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Journal, Dr. Sousino says : " I do not exaggerate in saying that

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a considerable accumulation of the infectious principle (the swine-

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meters. Where the disease prevails to any great extent roads are a

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Any want of or defect or irregularity in publication shall not invalidate any order.

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of administering such preparations in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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patient ; but when pus has formed, they may have the effect of

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expectoration, and the sleep in chronic bronchitis and pulmonary

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applied the pure lysol once every day for three days, and then the

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A large flap of peritoneum from the tumor was used to cover over

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ties, without common aim, and with no purpose, they

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The cup of his bitterness is filled, and the season of discon-

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use of collodion impregnated with 20 per cent, of ichthyol.

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privy vault, or above all into an un ventilated sewer, their virulence in-

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India is anxious and willing to do what in it lies to

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of cholera, or whether it merely contained a harmless

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old houses built by a great-grandfather in the days when many

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depression, as the N .-E. monsoon is sufficient to main-

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Left pleura shows recent exudation ; lung oedematous, with

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The solution should be fresh, and should be allowed to remain in

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23. Any officer authorized in this behalf by a local authority, or any constable or

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minims of it given once daily is quite sufficient to maintain an

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should always be given. The diet of the patient need not be

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4. The acts described in the first schedule to this act are hereby repealed; but this

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by an officer of the local authority appointed in that behalf certifying that the car-

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results, showing a great superiority in the action of the anytols

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vein of a dog, so that most of it went directly to the heart,

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contagious pleuro-pneunionia that in the absence of any history of the

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The patient may be told to take good deep inspirations. It is

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