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A horse raised here, of the same general appearance as an imported one,

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Condition on admission. — A thin ansemic girl, with a pale

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laxis, and therefore the sudden saturation of the blood with a drachm

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recently educated, is abundantly capable of coping with its

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and brought out just above the fascia and at a point just above

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Respectfully returned to the Commissioners, District of Columbia, with the follow-

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The more we study the heart and blood-vessels, the more

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Article 9 of order in council (341), dated December 20, 1871, specifies that "animals

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discover the causes, prevention, and cure of disease.

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less fatality where intelligent treatment is practiced in breeding and

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In an address on "The Use and Abuse of Internal Eemedies in

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opposite conclusion in the face of distinct clinical

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Dr. Arnold Brandeis of Prague, Bohemia, makes a report of his

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after the hypodermic injection, really had a mild form of cholera. This

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removed and the parts dressed daily with a mixture compounded as

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of some, it existed there iia a modified form for a much longer

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recreation in the shady street away from the madding crowd,

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The osteal changes occur first in the cranial bones and

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to time defined in that behalf by the privy council.

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appeared to be normal. The use of phosphorus and iron, after

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disease. To devise a perfect method for preventing this needs further

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ably suffice. It may be remarked- here that in the following accounts

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menthol valerianate, for which the name has been coined of " vali-

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of sodium, and should then be placed in trays containing

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of its anatomical structure, is more accessible than either of

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and exerting a series of passive motions to and fro may be

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46. If any person fails to give, produce, do, or observe any notice, license, thing, or

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in the stomach and duodenum after death, or extracted dur-

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