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the past year is estimated at 857,050. The disease which proves so fatal

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I ask my Fellows of the Branch to bave compassion on me and

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tion, although in 40 per cent, of cancerous strictures the

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ones made in the abattoirs, and before he has had sufficient time to finish

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is, however, the experience of many that this improvement is but

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that these points are cleared from obscurity, we have reason

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mentary canal, fluid is poured out, and the peristaltic action

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lows : The finely-drawn-out end of a tube was forced through the walls

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outside. No cases have occurred in this manner since the cold weather has destroyed

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In 1874, Colin § demonstrated that there was a wide difference in the

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runs freely down the ureters, so that there is no pressure to

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rhonchus in both lungs. No ecchymoses from pressure.

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tions. Mr. G. N. Vis, Ph. D., and G. Treupel, M. D., of Frei-

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able, or drawn so snug as to strangulate when placed further

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But this brings us to the question, do the kidneys secrete

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were sent to Professor Law, with a request that he make a careful micro-

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and that tracts of country sheltered by the angle and

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others cannot be induced to inhale it. Mr. Mills recommended

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invite and choose the needy and deserving, of which there are

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there were many Bacillus rods about 3^ M of an inch in diameter, and

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Second, the subnormal temperature is a frequent pro-

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than they were able to procure from their family physicians,

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to live gallons of water. As a preventive one feed a month will he found sufficient.

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Island Station, Ky., gives the following preventive and cure for diseases

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per cent.; that is, senility of the cell occurs. In the same

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the result not only of carious conditions of the teeth but of

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States into the provinces of Ontario. Quebec. Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

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The cholera microbe was present in the water at the

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June 9.— Temperature, 98'8". Pulse, 88. The symptoms of

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