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In an article by Dr. J. Abbott Cantrell on," Scalds and Burns "

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sliovvn how prevalent and destructive tlie parasite is in Egypt,

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any time suddenly become one of complete acute obstruction.

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urates. Pulse irregular in volume ; left smaller than right. No

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10 A.M. — Pain in the shoulder and heart. Has had no more

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traceable in their onset to a time when genital disorder first

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whereof is prohibited by the acts relating to the customs, without prejudice to any

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confined to the branches of the fifth pair, but as it increased in

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interest to both the physician and surgeon. The fact that

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gynecologists, who report many cases. Dewey^ reports eight

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study the effects of alcohol on the human system. He wished to

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is towards a spontaneous cure which is reached only after

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chemical products of the growth of the bacteria are left in the system

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ent of Government aid is a step in the right dii-ection,

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ilis the first symptom of the disease indicates that general infec-

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sinus is more frequently involved in acute processes than is

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occur in two ways : first, either around an axis which ex-

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painting with iodoform collodion of 10 per cent, strength. Noth-

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A good many hogs have died with the disease still generally known as

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in the supersensitive nerve irritation of the hysterical sub-

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collect so many observations. Cunningham and Lewis § found a large

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sustained any loss during the past season, and it has not been so de-

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less frequent. [Nouveau. MontpcUier Medical, Vol. VII, page

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on the sixth day of development to the action of the air shows the ac-

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could do better without it. Alcohol is not a stimulant ; it lashes

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weeks she recovered and with the recovery the temperature became

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The fever of tuberculosis is best treated by the sponging

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men thus employed may be named Drs. Law, Detmers, Salmon, Lyman,

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be passed into them alone, and not on their edges or

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being more powerfully antiseptic. His custom was to either drop

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be thought of has been tried, but without effect. All my hogs died ex-

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abroad. I use it sometimes, but much prefer creasotal. Still

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in the bronchial passages. Upon inspecting the remainder of the herd, the majority

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The contraction of the renal arteries may be caused either by

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