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or to any appreciable extent, against cholera, there would be
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good part of the region occupied with its vessels. The fovea
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JOHN G. OETON, M. D., Broome County, Third District.
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tion (2-5 per cent.) should pass through the middle ear, in order
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old hay (Bacillus subiilis) was practically indistinguishable from the
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Allen, Charles S., Rensselaer, Rensselaer Co. Founder.
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inoculations with, in swine plague, disadvantages of 145
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from the results in No. 1, that the introduction of new virus into a sys-
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there are points in its natural history which enable us to control it with comparative
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success. Experience has convinced most operators that
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ests of the people who place them in power ; to throw away
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into the abdominal cavity and an effort made to locate the
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indisputable are sinipl) continued fcvrr, typhoid fevir,
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a most useful agent. Sahli reports its successful use in cases
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under powers of 500 to 1,000 diameters; there are spherical and oval
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of the effusion, and thus produce a white liquid resembling milk. With
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much going to extremes to entirely abandon alcohol as to use it
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103. 5 | Very dull, -weak. Tail and ears dark "blue and
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quently analysed and the proportion of solids estimated with nega-
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and umbilical region. His physician, being unable to give him
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systolic murmur at the base, with an accentuated second sound
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Compound Fracture of the Leg. — A young man, 20 years old, was admitted
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cian reached him he was quite unconscious. It is said he never
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given. Should the tubercles be localized in the ear, opera-
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land, the tanks became useful, first, as reservoirs of
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able to learn, has been invariably the same. In no case did any deaths
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This is unquestionably a case of neuralgia and closely
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covery from the attack, and, in some cases, a repetition of it
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cient for this to become infected, pus would result, and then
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cent, since the introduction of serum, but that appears in an alto-
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lences having been exhibited in the interval, I have

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