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and intestinal stenosis. To this end they would administer gela-

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of the U. S. P. be employed, far less irritation and dangerous

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Dr. Frederick HoiiME Wiggin, of New York county, said that

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to consist of resection of a segment of gangrenous intestine,

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always took an active interest in its affairs. Largely to his efforts

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were found passing over the intestine, and these were broken up.

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organizing the society known as the Barons of Eunnymede, which

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a violent dislike to me, attributing mucli of his disease to the

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Carbolated camphor, effect of, on fowl-cholera virus 33

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This phenomenon, however, is not peculiar to chicken cholera, but occurs

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tion, it has no antiseptic properties. Dr. B. Treutler, of Marburg,

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then. At that time the hospital practically consisted of the

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western part of the county, and extended east and north. In some

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ally fail to do that. Abdominal puncture is not entirely

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evidence to warrant the statement that tuberculosis of the

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be present in smaller quantity as it could only with

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cian, accidentally swallowed the swab and stick which meas-

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Thirdly, provided for the quarantine of foreign animals at a part of the port of

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bonnous parasites were the only ones in the soil ; but the latter contains an infinite

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Miller. — Cattle imported from the East, and allowed to range on the

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the work gained new interest by the striking lessons drawn

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years, flow five days, dark red in color. Constantly has a

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cases, failure to find it can in no way justify the

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little patient was rapid and uneventful. The suddenness of the

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even among scientific nien, to accept every discovery of a bacterium in the

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csecal valve with great ease in the cadaver and has been

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the liquid contents of the imprisoned loop, while the stasis in

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did not know of the same being so affected, and that he could not with reasonable

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for burials should be siliceous or sandy; calcareous, but very poor; dry, or easily

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among the zenanas of India. Still in its infancy it is

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of some central irritation, and wrote me that he had under his

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Dobson sliould have quoted actual cases and given their

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